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Default Dilemna in choosing the right path

Hello , I am Lakshminarayanan from India (Chennai). (Sorry for my English if its too bad).I have just completed my Computer Science Engineering. I am basically sitting at home as I haven't got a job yet. For past 8 years I ve been playing so much of games that its in my blood already. I want to know what do i do make a career in this field. After Indepth research I thought ill get into some institute , learn the basics and get a fresher job in this field and gain experience over time and then jump to a better company after 3 years for satisfactory pay/good Pay OR do Masters in Game development after 3 years of exp..(once i am experienced)...

Now I saw this institute , I want to know how good this course is, its 1 Year and approx 4000$

and then this

and this :

All 3 assure placement assistance if we perform well. The last 2 places have excellent Lab facilities and staffs. I don't know much about icat and i am still researching.

Now what would you guys suggest. Get myself occupied with this course and learn as much as possible and break into industry and do MS later? Or get some software company day job, Learn all these at night and try Masters in USA by next june directly?
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