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Default Re: Dilemna in choosing the right path

Hey thanks a lot tsloper about making decision and those links , I am going through it. Meanwhile I want to know which course is the best among the 3 (syllabus). They are all approximately 3500-4000$ (the first one is my city. the other 2 are in neighbouring states). In case I plan to take up studying for this next year and break into industry as a fresher and move on gaining skills and experience then which one of the above would u suggest. !

My views :
Icat - Mediocre Labs and faculties but great syllabus/ Same city where I live in/ 4k $ / 1 year course

Seamdu - Neighbouring state/ Edexcel certified/ Great staffs and lab/ A pretty good syllabus/ 4.5k $ + Living expense/1 year course

Aiga - Syllabus based on present trend of the market in my country and not C++(so i can get job after completion)/7 months course / 3000$+ Living expense/Extremely good Lab facilities and staffs from reputed game companies in the industry.

All the above guarantee placement assistance when there is performance.
And another doubt is.. Should directly jump into C++ trying to make a mark or get into companies making mobile games/ web based games (as structured in the course of AIGA) etc. get into the industry ,g ain experience and then go for the hardcore game programming using C++ ? Like you said everyone has their own point of view so I thought ill post here as you ppl would have seen a million newbies like me .

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