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Default Re: Game Design Major Needs Guidance

Originally Posted by joshmakesart View Post
1. I still don't feel that the knowledge I currently have makes me the least bit valuable or confident.
2. It's more of a worried feeling in my stomach that I'm running out of time to learn enough while in college. I'm probably wrong but the feeling is there nonetheless.
3. My point in saying that was to get guidance on good tactics for learning a decent amount of information in limited time.
4. while in school it is nearly impossible to have time to play video games.
5. I do what I can in that area, but it doesn't seem good enough.
not knowing all the games out there just adds to the "worried feeling."
6. But it is possible to be more qualified than other students.
7. My goal is to go above and beyond the class assignments,
8. and have more going for me than just a degree when I graduate.
9. Also, I do not yet know what path I will take in my career.
1. It doesn't. You are not cooked enough yet. If you are ex-military, I'm surprised by all the insecurity and impatience you are expressing.

2. You are living in Star Wars land. You think "feel the force" is real. It's not. I'm surprised that an ex-military guy is still using the word "feel" like a twenty-year old. I assume you are older than the other sophomores in your class, but you don't sound like it.

3. You can't hurry learning. You have 2 more years. Focus on your schoolwork, do your studies well. Also, know that nobody can learn everything in college that he needs to know afterwards. You have to supplement your education by doing independent study. If you can't cram it all in before graduation, cram it in after graduation.

4. Yes, of course.

5. I have worked in games since before you were born, and I do not know all the games out there. Please don't take this in the wrong way. You might want to consider discussing your anxiety with your doctor. You say you were in the military; I don't know if that involved combat, or if you have any post-traumatic conditions; if so, then the VA probably has some support groups you might want to join.

6. Yes, of course. Anything is possible (except time travel to the past, and the Star Trek holodeck).

7. In moderation. If your desire and attempt to go above and beyond increases your anxiety above acceptable levels, then you should scale back -- lower your sights.

8. I think we already discussed this point in our previous go-around, did we not?

9. You might want to focus your efforts now on figuring that out. Read about the different job types in games, picture yourself doing those jobs. Try learning programming (as you said before) so you can find out if you like it. Since "art" is in your online persona already, see if you can make some masterpieces. Try writing, too.
After you've tried things some more, and read about those careers, make a decision grid.
It's okay if the decision you make now differs from the decision you'll make five years from now. That's the way it goes. The decision you make now does not have to be the end-all and be-all -- you are not cementing yourself into the sidewalk of life with this decision. But make a decision soon. You're older than the other sophomores, and you want to take courses applicable to the career path you need to decide.
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