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Default Please See My Art Folio! 3D Character Modeler!

Hi all, I ve been working hard for months on my 3D Art Folio. It would really mean a lot to me if you all could see my Art Folio and give me your thoughts, impressions, criticisms, etc.

Artfolio is found at:

Its my dream to work in the video game industry as a character modeler. I'm Australian and unfortunately jobs here in the video game industry are limited. What sort of skill and experience would I need to get a job in the USA?

What is or isn't working on my art folio at the moment? What content is missing or what should I do more of? Do you think I'm ready to start applying for jobs in the video game industry internationally?

If anyone could be so kind as to provide me feedback and be willing to answer questions as to getting my dream job it will be warmly appreciated

- Daven Bettridge
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