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Default Re: Need some crit/advice for portfolio please

Your portfolio looks much better! You should by all means look for an internship/entry-level art position.

For future reference, or if you have time to change a thing or two: There are a few perfectly horizontal lines in the medieval village, most notably on top of the roof and the horizontal bars of handrails. Consider rotating these elements ever-so-slightly to make things a bit more lively. Also, the normal-mapping on the stucco texture looks a bit much. Consider tuning it down, so your eyes have a resting spot.

Another minor thing is, if you are applying for environment modeling your daylight shots of the village works better in showing your art. Consider moving these images in front of the night + rainy shots - which are cool but it's hard to see the assets in them.

Good luck on your exciting adventure and grats on graduation!
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