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Default Unconstitutional game laws

I was just curious to see what everyone thought about the numerous video game laws being passed and then found to be unconstitutional, especially after the news of Illinois raiding the welfare budget to pay the ESA their $1 million court costs.

I personally think all of these laws are stupid, especially after they have been turned down in multiple states. Even my home state, Louisiana, jumped on the bandwagon with a bill co-written by the bane of our existence himself, Jack Thompson. Now, seriously, how much sense does it make to try and pass a law that had already been deemed unconstitutional in at least 3 other states beforehand, while you're trying to rebuild the state after two major hurricanes destroyed the state. It was very, very idiotic to unnecessarily waste our state's money.

Just let me know how everyone feels on this subject.

-Jon Manafi
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