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Default Re: Starting a Career

Originally Posted by Hammertime View Post
1. is there a school maybe tailor those who dont have acknowledge yet?
2. i hate pay all the money of digipen or Art intatute
3. i also afriad of getting smoked by tons of prodigy kids lol
4. im Epileptic and learn a bit slower then most
5. eventully id love to be make to make my own game be in charge of what goes it in and what its about.... what path would be best for that?
1. Why not start with community college, get transferable credits, then go to a state school?
2. You shouldn't do it, then! You don't need to go to one of those schools.
3. What else are you afraid of? Are you going to let your fears stop you from doing what you enjoy?
4. I was wondering if English was your native language.
5. To make your own game and be in charge of it means being a businessman.

I have a lot of articles on my site (see my signature below). The articles may answer a lot of your questions.
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