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Default Has anyone had any experience with the Game Institute?

After spending many frustrating hours trying to decide which engine I wanted to begin programming on as an extreme beginner, I came upon this little website called The Game Institute. For $99, it gives you a slew of resources, online textbooks (with the option to purchase the real things for an additional fee), presentations and projects that are said to be guided by 'industry professionals' - just click the tabs on the top and expand the ones further down to view the material. Knowing the internet, I immediately think this is a scam of some sort.

But after reading further, it's actually looking pretty promising. They give a detailed list of all topics covered in each of the classes in the package, as well as the amount of textbooks/presentations/goals to associate with the course. And I know that I work in a class setting better than by myself.

I was just hoping that someone had some experience or thoughts in regards to the Game Institute. It would be a big help for me to decide whether or not I want to shell out the $100 for this.
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