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Default Re: Looking for mmorpg game reviewers

Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
I guess there must be money in it (when search engines produce links to the review site because the site mentions a popular game, does that generate revenue somehow?).
Yes, technically, if you use things like Google Adsense or Google Adwords. This, coupled with Google's SEO (for more focused search results and advertisements), can generate a good chunk of profit if the website is popular enough. Both programs generate revenue for the site if the user clicks on an advertisement; the only difference is that one generates revenue from advertisements that are already on your site, while the other does so through advertisements that lead to your website.

It's good to see new review sites coming up, as long as they provide a stream of fresh, unbiased reviews that offer both good and bad points. I always utilize reviews when I am trying to choose a game, especially when it comes to an online game like an MMO. The more the merrier in my book, as differing opinions and articles offer different insight into a game that could make or break a purchase. Though I could understand the annoyance of seeing so many of them advertising at one location.

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