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Default Indie developer resume for AAA studio?

Hi guys!

I'm an indie game developer, and have been one for the past 5 years. I've never worked in any game studio before though, but I'm considering getting a designer position in a bigger studio, and was hoping to get some advise for my resume.

Now, I've release about 8 titles over the years, many on Flash and a few on Steam and iDevices. I'm the producer, designer and artist of my games, and got help from hired programmers and musicians. Few of my latest also manage to find moderate success in the indie community and got some nice reviews and coverage from IGN, Kotaku, etc.

Yet I'm not sure how these experience translate to these game companies, especially the bigger players, and what would they wants to know in my resume? I'm gear towards just focusing on my game design choices and point out the rest of the producing and artist stuff as additional skill sets and career highlights, mainly to keep the resume bite size and readable. What do you think? Am I on the right track? Or should I just throw everything in, as detail as I can?

Anyway, most of the other resume threads seems to be for fresh graduates, but I'm sure there's more cases like myself, self taught and stuff, but never worked in a game company before. Hopefully, we have someone with similar experience or if I'm lucky, someone in hiring position to give some advise
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