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Default Re: Indie developer resume for AAA studio?

Originally Posted by Red View Post
1. I'm an indie game developer, and have been one for the past 5 years... I've release about 8 titles ... I'm the producer, designer and artist of my games, and got help from hired programmers and musicians.
...most of the other resume threads seems to be for fresh graduates, but I'm sure there's more cases like myself
2. I'm not sure how these experience translate to these game companies, especially the bigger players, and what would they wants to know in my resume? I'm gear towards just focusing on my game design choices and point out the rest of the producing and artist stuff as additional skill sets and career highlights, mainly to keep the resume bite size and readable. What do you think? Am I on the right track? Or should I just throw everything in, as detail as I can?
1. Well, most people with the impressive amount of experience that you have don't have to ask the question you're asking. All you have to do is write a good resume and make a good portfolio. You've got all the beginnings of a good resume and portfolio. Now put it together.

2. Your paid work experience (and any products you released that made money) belong in your resume. Everything else goes into either your portfolio or your cover email. Read and don't do any of the stupid tricks in and you should be fine.
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