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Default Re: Indie developer resume for AAA studio?

Thanks for the reply, Tsloper. To be honest, the confusion is partly because I'm looking to relocate and hopefully at least get a mid level position and a reasonable salary. That's why I'm not sure if my experience is good enough to warrant me that, or maybe I can get a job, but entry level since I have no AAA experience.

As a game designer, I'm usually pretty confident about conveying message with my documents. But in this case, I'm hesitant as to how much to throw in. I do have quite a bit to include if I want to, things like includes the unique features, team size, review links, etc. but if it doesn't matter to the big company, I suppose I should just focus on my role as a designer and keep others to a minimum.

Anyway, thanks for the links. I'll be sure to read through before I work on my resume.
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