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Default Re: Game Design Major Needs Guidance

I'd like to say to do whatever you do in terms of college, learning, or life for YOU, not for a potential career.

You can't get a job in the creative industry unless it is connected to some part of your soul. No amount of "Doing X" will just return a job in the industry. If you enjoy making games, your first goal is to find out which part to play. If you are already in a specific area, you can dabble in others, but stop after you give it a go for a while if you think it isn't fun.

Let your interests guide you until you really know your place. Then, the motivation to learn more will come from inside instead of arbitrary career goals. If you aren't motivated enough to use everything you know to make small board games or something else really simple than you'll never enjoy a life in, or be able to get a life in the game industry.
Miles Aurbeck
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