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Default Re: Portfolio Feedback

You're on track. Here is some advice:

Run through the text on your site with a fine toothed comb. There are quite a few mistakes made on your first page that can really throw off the perception of your skills to a reader.

Add screenshots and images. The site is dark with lots of text. It's asking a lot for a user to download and potentially install a program you have written if all they are relying on is text. They have to first drum up the attention to read it and you may lose them at that point (a good thing to note for designing games in general).

Also, some studios or viewers may be Mac only, and unable to run your game in the first place. If not screenshots, a very quick and concise gameplay video really helps you not to lose that crowd.

A game on Kongregate is something you should tout a bit more if you feel it is representative of your skills; its lost in a tiny link several layers into your site.

There is no good reason to showcase your projects as "school" projects. That just means you most likely had your hand held throughout the process and sometimes can lead to people questioning exactly what was provided in the assignment and what you did yourself. Consider conglomerating the categories and removing text referencing class assignments and such.
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