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Default Finding the right writing habits

Hey everyone,

I just stumbled on this site while reading the daily news this morning and I loved reading all the advice everyone had to give to us newbies. I ran across a few threads that pertained to some questions I had about kicking off a career in gaming journalism, but non of them really hit my questions spot on. My questions are aimed towards the actual writings and less towards landing the job (since no one will want a bad writer). For example, what is the average amount of time a freelance writer should put into their blog posts as far as research, interviews, and length of the piece? Since most, if not all publishers will not accept a pitch from an article you have already written, I feel like I waste a lot of time doing research and writing pieces for my portfolio(or just for fun) and not getting any closer to my dream. Which brings me to my next question. At what point is a person who is interested in the career, ready to make a pitch? How long were most of you writing before you made your first pitch? Maybe some of you can tell me a story of your first pitch? Regardless of good or bad outcomes. Lastly, I understand how important networking and being involved with the community is when it comes to being a successful journalist, but at what point does networking beat writing? or vice-versa? I really appreciate any feedback you can give. You guys seem like a great crowd and I look forward to being a part of some of your conversations.


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