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Default Re: Finding the right writing habits

Originally Posted by VGConnection View Post
1. My questions are aimed towards the actual writings and less towards landing the job [of game journalist] (since no one will want a bad writer).
2. Since most, if not all publishers will not accept a pitch from an article you have already written,
3. I feel like I waste a lot of time doing research and writing pieces for my portfolio(or just for fun) and not getting any closer to my dream.
4. At what point is a person who is interested in the career [of game journalism], ready to make a pitch?
5. I understand how important networking and being involved with the community is when it comes to being a successful journalist, but at what point does networking beat writing? or vice-versa?
Hi, Ryan.
1. Really? Because your questions sound more like they're geared toward making pitches. Since I work in the video game industry (not the journalism biz), I understand the term "pitch" to mean a thing specific to the game industry, but I do not know what a pitch is in the journalism biz. Wait, maybe I'm getting it - you mean you have to get somebody's okey-dokey to write something before you can actually write it? That sounds weird to me. But then I'm in the game biz, not journalism.

2. I assume you're talking about game magazine, website, or book publishers (not game publishers). Not sure I'm understanding what a journalism pitch is, I don't understand this part of your question. I don't see why you couldn't write an article and submit it to a publisher (I don't understand why they would not be willing to look at it, if it's hot off your keyboard and has not been published). But like I say, I don't know the journalism biz.

3. It is NOT a waste of time writing your articles! You've never heard of the term "practice, practice, practice"? Look around you on this forum - there are dozens of journalism sites begging for your articles. Write an article, submit it to one of these sites. They won't pay you, but if they publish it, you've got a portfolio. If they don't publish it, you learned something useful.

4. I obviously don't know, since I don't understand the biz. But I would say the answer is "probably, when you have an awesome portfolio and an awesome idea for an article that's timely."

5. Neither one beats the other. If you're the best networker ever, but a poor writer, that ain't gonna hack it. If you're the best writer ever but you can't network worth spit, how are you gonna get known? Probably not by posting things like "VG Connection is my way to brand my writing and get the word out to video game news sites(..IGN "Hint, Hint") that I am interested." all over the internet. It's a bit artless to baldly state "this is my way to brand myself and get the word out." Just brand yourself, just get the word out.
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