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Default Re: [Help appreciated] A business degree any use?

Originally Posted by Cliffore View Post
1. [Help appreciated] A business degree any use?
2. Due to family issues, I went ahead and applied at an online university for a business AA degree.
3. I'm not a business person. In fact I regret it, to be honest, but I guess knowing a bit about accounting and the economy is helpful.
4. I'm a writer, one that has filled dozens of notebooks and word documents with stories and worlds of my own. I live in them, I think of them every day. I didn't go for a literature degree because most people told me it was useless
5. and that business was more general and that I'd have a wider amount of choices when it came to settling for a job.
6. Character design. Creating a character, making the lore, expanding the world - I would be extremely content if I were to have a job like this,
7. but I don't even know where to start. Where does such interests lie in? Game production? Programming? What do I do?
8. Also, another major question would be if it's necessary to learn computer science or not. I don't think I'd really like that. I'm just terrible at math.
1. Yes, absolutely of use. But it depends on you, your aspirations, your interests.
2. Business yes. AA no. I'm trying to say that an AA degree is less than what most employers want to see (depending on what country you live in).
3. Then you should not study business. It's as simple as that. Read
4. Are you of Chinese or Jewish ancestry? Because that's the kind of advice Chinese and Jewish parents give their kids all the time.
5. Sure. It also has applications to games - for producers, managers, executives...
6. Well, the game designer decides who the characters are and what the lore will be. Artists design the characters' look. You're talking about being a "writer." Read
7. You should get a writing degree, and you should look for writing jobs.
8. You need to learn about the different jobs in games. Read these: (site may be down now)
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