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Default Re: Graduate Degree Options for Aspiring Producer

Hey I just re-read your post and I obviously had a lot built up I needed to say (sorry if it's too much, I'm very passionate about helping people try to accomplish their dream of getting into the industry, particularly those who have already graduated or are a little late in life's path, like I was) but was worried I didn't address your specific questions. Unfortunately I saw that you would need to look at online programs due to your officer contract commitments (isn't it 10 years these days...yikes). In that case, I hate to say it, but you need to scrap the idea of an advanced game degree entirely, at least until you are free to complete a campus program. The value of those programs (the good ones only that I listed above) is that they emulate real-life industry situations by putting teams together to build large scale projects, which both teaches you the skills and experience, but also provides you with your demo items for your resume. This sort of experience just cannot be accomplished via an online program, and would frankly probably be a waste of money when you could instead be doing the following. Instead, I would say self-study is your best bet - get involved in online communities, find/build a team, and create a kick-ass mod. I would highly suggest using the Skyrim Creation Kit (and UE3 as a second), as BethSoft has done an incredible job of reaching out to the mod community/aspiring game devs by making some amazing tools, and even providing step-by-step tutorial videos to get started on nearly every aspect. You can do this remotely, and be part of a team online. However, I know that can be difficult for some people (including myself) to discipline yourself to do so much and that the structure of an academic program guiding you to do this can be so much better for some (possibly you, as you may function better with structure from the USMA and Army (though I don't know how much structure you guys actually's not the Corps or anything...JK JK). In this case, it certainly would not be too late for you to enroll in 3 years at all - I was a very late bloomer as I got sucked into the Corporate world for far too long. In this situation, it would be a great idea to learn as much as you can on your own or as part of an online mod team in the next 3 years. Who knows, you could create an amazing project and be ready for the industry right off the bat in 3 years with no need for grad school, and if not, you would absolutely be ready for a graduate program. The good thing is that you realized what you want to do. Now, I would just suggest thinking more specifically about what that is (do you really want it to be management/production, or are you more tech-saavy or creative than you think?) and formulating a plan to get there, such as those I suggested above.

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