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Default Re: Graduate Degree Options for Aspiring Producer

Hey Acura, thank you very much for your response brother. You seem really passionate in your response and your desire to help is very genuine, I really appreciate it.

You brought a lot of things to my attention and I will try to give you a full response in return. First of all, I am glad you say you finally took the plunge and found a position in the gaming industry. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time and, like you, my enthusiasm for working in the game industry is not just because of a love for games as a child, it actually stems from the appreciation I have for the groups of people that spend countless hours putting together such immersive and creative experiences and sharing them with people. All I really want is to be a part of that group.

The reason I say I want to be a producer is for two reasons. First, because it seems to be a very good fit. My bachelor's was in Computer Science and I graduated from a prestigious school, and I would like to think this gives me some good background in software development while not being a programming or creative expert. My time as an officer in the army, which will total 5-8 years once I finish my service, lends well to the management side, i.e. making sure the different groups that fall under you are communicating, making their deadlines, managing resources, etc. By the time I leave the military, this will have become second nature to me in the army world, and hopefully applicable to managing a group of men and women designing a game. The second reason I want to be a producer is because it just sounds like a fun job to me. I do enjoy managing people, motivating them towards a common goal, and seeing a project come together. I have seen this happen many times with my Soldiers as a platoon leader, and will continue to see it as I hold leadership positions of higher responsibility. While I would love to take part in a more creative role of game creation, I fear I do not have the time to become an expert at anything because of the time constraints I have in the military.

I understand what you are saying about taking the time to do a real campus program, rather than an online course. I agree that it definitely sounds better to be in a program that emulates real life situations, rather than imagining them online. Therefore, if I were to take your advice, it would seem that my best option would be to work on my own projects for the next 3-6 years (if I stay for another 6 years, for a total of 8, I have the option of using the full post 9-11 GI bill to assist me in paying for a masters degree), and then attending a graduate program at a university. One program I found, and in fact the only one of its kind that I found, is a master's degree specifically in Game Production at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) in Arizona. Have you heard of this program? What are you thoughts on it?

Thanks for your great response, it actually made my day when I logged in and saw it. If I could ask, what do you do in the game industry currently? Without providing too much detail for privacy concerns, could you let me know what position you currently hold and what your are on it, and any producer-related positions? That would be fantastic. I will be looking into those other colleges you mentioned while I wait for your response. Thanks again man. oo-rah
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