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Originally Posted by sigiel View Post
1. I can't believe there is no protection available...
There must be.
2. It's sad cause I can have the financing only if I get the licence ...
3. As for contacting directly the owner, (Fox Interactive) I'm trying to get that number, but it's kinda hard to get.
1. But you don't own anything! I recommend you read the book "Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry," by Litwak. Read the chapter on page 18.

2. That's "sad"?? It's sad that you said it's sad! Because if you can get the money if you get the license, there's hope. Don't say it's "sad," because that's sad!

3. Aw, then I guess you can't do it. (If you can't manage to make a phone call, you're not the kind of person who can do a business deal.)
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