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No you are wrong.

The code is mine. and if your book contradict this fact, then I will certainly not read it. and it will not be the first book in the world to be inaccurate either. and this is all the protection I need, I don't need NDA, because the code will be mine and copyrighted to me. without there agreement I will not be able to publish it, but they will not be able to use it as well.

Second I did law school myself. and one thing I have learn while doing so is that law isn't about copyright (in this case) is all about manipulating the numerous past decision judge made... it's call 'jurisprudence".

I trust my lawyer, because to be honest there are maybe not the biggest firm in the world but they never let me down either. and I have no point in doubting what they are telling me. furthers more it a very well known international firm that have without a doubt proven beyond any doubt that they are good at what they do.

Now I did find out the number and the person who I should talk to. So really thank for the tips that led me there.

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