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Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
1. But you don't own anything! I recommend you read the book "Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry," by Litwak. Read the chapter on page 18.
Originally Posted by sigiel View Post
No you are wrong.
The code is mine. and if your book contradict this fact,
You said before that you haven't yet created "the code." So at the moment, you don't own anything. Write down your proposal to make a game based on the TV show, and then what you own is the proposal.
That book doesn't talk about video games. It talks about how to make deals with the Film/TV industry. The chapter I mentioned is specifically about making the proposal, and how to protect the proposal. If you're going to get in the water with sharks, it's best to first learn about shark behavior.
Again: good luck with your project.
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