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Default Starting on Game Design

Hey, I wanted to know information about Game Design in high school. I want to become a Game Designer and so far I'm taking computer classes in Flash and Business and a Art class. Right now I'm reading information on the Sloperama site(current at the Game Tester section) and would like to know more about Game Design when it comes to programming and the Game Design Document.

To be more specific, I saw the link to Gamedev which I didn't know anything about but would like to know more about it. Should I try looking at their workshops or should I just wait until college? Also I have been recently writing ideas(about one small notebook page per idea) into a book I got from a Technology Convention. The Game Design Document outline seems a bit complicated for me since I never really go past that notebook page but I'm willing to try to use it. Is there anything I should know before attempting it?
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