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Default Re: Starting on Game Design

Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
1. Game design and programming are two different things.
Programming job -
Design job -

2. More about the GDD -

3. Whichever you prefer.

4. Just try doing it. Ask questions when you run into a snag.
1. Whenever I try to look up information on Game Design, sites would say to learn a bit of everything like Art, Music, and programming. Of course I don't want to learn everything about Art or programming but I would like to know, what basic programming software should I know as a aspiring Game Designer?
2. Okay thanks
3. See #1
4. Okay. Although it might not be related, I am currently playing League of Legends and is interested in how they make their champions. Is it a good thing to spend time trying to design my own champion(though Riot clearly stated they aren't going to use any fan-made champions) or should I be more worried about the GDD?
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