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Default Another upstart designer.

Something must be in the water,lol. Atleast I found the right place. I been working on music for over 30 years. and level design for 5 yrs and the UDK about 3 month. I looked at the Cryengine3 and Unity. My favorite is Gamebryo. I have a lady who is contacting me from them ( oh they are the ones who created all the Elderscrolls and Fallout 3) in the account division this week for setting up. I`m the only one. As I see many of us here are looking for the same thing I hope some of us can work together. I propose that none be in charge as in to many chief`s not enough indian`s ( Im part Blackfoot and Navajo). Be glad to talk and share what I have so. I told them I have a plan of 4 to 6 years in development (a realistic plan I hope). Here are some good sites for learning 3dbuzz and eated,
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