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Question Looking a Master or Complementary course in Game Art

Hi, Im a fine art student from Spain about to graduate (Im focused in animation). I would like to work on the game industry so Im looking for an additional formation in game arts (3d, Animation,...).

I would like to study outside Spain and i had in mind looking studies in UK or USA. Im looking for studies not more than 2 years long (preferably a master) and the tuition fee does not exceed 12000 .

I would like you recommend me wich forming center is the best with these requeriments.

By the moment i found this masters in UK:
-Teeside University - Computer Games Art (Character), MA / (i dont know exactly how much it costs but in the webs says between 4,455 - 5,985)

-Bournemouth University -3D computer animation MA / 7,500

If u know about this masters, please, tell wich u think is better :S

Thanks for ur help
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