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Default Re: Which MSc to choose?

Originally Posted by Vigi View Post
Which graduation do I need to get a good start into the games industry
does graduation weigh that much in this sector at all?
Am I better off specializing to game technology or is a common MSc in Computer Science better / enough?
Are the salaries I listed realisitic?
What about carreer advancement oppertunities? (I'd like to know facts about Western Europe, USA is not that relevant for me at the moment)
In conclusion here's what I have to decide with and I'm all happy about your help with this dicision:
Graduate in Computer Science BSc. then
  1. Computer Science MSc at my University & trying to get into game development by myself (learning C++, graphics programming etc in private-study) or...
  2. Computer Games Technology MSc (or something similar) and then directly trying to get into the industry or...
  3. Study both MSc (I mean... it's just 3 years...) or...
  4. Study CS MSc and apply as a graphics programmer somewhere else
Hi, Vigi.
Game salaries are lower than salaries in other tech industries. I don't have any links for you to game salaries in Europe in particular - you can take a look at and you can make some adjustments.
Game employers don't typically require a Masters degree. A bachelors degree and a portfolio are usual. If you get the Masters, you'll still need a portfolio of games you've made.
When you have a decision to make, I recommend that you make a decision grid:
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