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1. Definitely a toxic job. You are right to want out. Still, you should not burn bridges (don't quit in a blaze of expletives - give notice and work your best through the last day).
2. These statements beg the question: what country do you live in now?
3. Yes. 6 months experience won't get you a job that needs 2 years experience.
4. I don't have enough information. You seem fluent in English, so that's good. You need to research the immigration requirements of those countries. But with just 6 months experience, it's going to be really tough to get hired long-distance. Maybe if you can wangle work-legal status in one of those countries before applying.
5. You worked at a small company, which always means you performed a wide variety of tasks. You should look for another small company.
1. As much as I dislike certain people in the company, working there paid my bills. It's just a matter of me holding on long enough until I find something else.
2 & 4 I live in the Philippines in SE Asia and have a valid US tourist visa. I hear NZ, Australia and Canada are more open to immigrants though. I'll look into it further.
3. I was afraid of this. Also, I don't think anyone is willing to hire an expat for an easily filled entry level position like QA.
5. Another alternative I've considered is getting a dayjob somewhere and being an indie after work.

Thanks for the advice, Tsloper!
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