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Default Need critique on my CA application.


So, I'm hoping to volunteer at GDC San Fransisco in march and would love some critique on my application. Tips for both grammar and content are welcome, anything and everything is useful. :3 Show no mercy.

So, here goes:

I知 a 20 year old swede currently studying project management in game design. I have however taken courses in English and visited the United States on several occasions meaning that I won稚 be socially hopeless when dealing with conference attendees or other CAs. I very much enjoy studying group dynamics, both in theory and practice which is the main reason for me wanting to volunteer as a CA.

My program is project oriented meaning that I have participated in multiple game projects and that I can quickly adapt my attitude to the group I知 working with. I view the volunteer work as a chance to improve my skills as a member of a professional project crew and will do my best to motivate my co-workers, both to learn from the experience and to improve the work results. I also have past experiences of organizing and recording lectures and I値l gladly apply those skills to my tasks during the conference.

The GDC itself presents an excellent opportunity for me to visit lectures and meet people with industry experience, letting me further improve my understanding of social interactions in game development teams and making me available to possible employers. I値l have no problem acting professional when aiding people from the industry and hopefully I値l make for decent company as well. While on the CA team I will do my very best to provide and maintain an enjoyable experience both for attendees and my working group.

Thoughts, questions... Thoughts?
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