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Default Placement Agencies for Game Devs


I'm currently working as a Game Designer/Tester in the Philippines. For various reasons I posted in a previous thread and others I don't feel confident disclosing here, I am looking for work abroad.

One of the options that came up in my research is going through a placement agency for game devs. The site came up but for some reason I can't register on their site.

My question is, is going through these placement agencies a good idea for n00bs (6 months experience) like myself who want to work abroad? Has anyone on this board had any experience of going through these agencies and would you guys personally recommend any (based on my target countries listed below)? Thanks for all the help so far!

Target countries (in order of priority): Canada, Australia, NZ
Desired position: QA Tester (I'm sure the agency can tell me if I'm qualified for anything higher than that).

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