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Default Re: Placement Agencies for Game Devs

Originally Posted by timvee View Post
My question is, is going through these placement agencies a good idea for n00bs (6 months experience) like myself who want to work abroad?
Desired position: QA Tester
Hi Tim,
Headhunters will not want to represent you. They make their money by placing high-paid people, not low-paid testers. Also, there's the whole Visa/Work Permit issue (the large amount of paperwork for the hirer makes them not so anxious to hire low-paid entry-level people from another country, and headhunters know this).

As I said in your other thread, you may need to move to the target country first (and get the work permit taken care of yourself) before you can be hired.

Also, have you looked into other companies in your home country? See gamedevmap and gameindustrymap. Another option is to level-up in your home country (just at a different company) before trying to go to another country.
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