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Thank you so much for replying to me. As I mentioned in another post (don't know if you read) but I really love your sloperama site. I've been digging into it heavily over the past week and it's very insightful. So thank you for all the work you put into it.

As far as my "Passion". Well maybe you could help direct me here.

My main passion is basically around PCs, and PC games. I'm 27 years young, and as long as I can remember, as as long as I've been old enough to earn a few bucks, it's all gone into PCs and PC games (So starting around 10-11 years old). Since then I've mostly done PC building, modding and overclocking as a hobby. I'm am VERY new to programming however. I took 1 intro to programming college class last year and it used Visual BASIC. I'm currently 1/3rd of the way through a "beginner C++ book".

So the bulk of my IT experience and college classes have almost nothing to do with "gaming" imo. General PC troubleshooting, reformatting/maintaining systems, upgrading, benchmarking, Overclocking, etc. (BTW I am very comfortable "self learning" as all the PC knowledge I have in all the thing's I've talked about is all self learned.)

My "passion" I suppose is in game concepts/theories. I can't tell you how many hours over the past 15 or so years I've spent on game forums, shooters, RPGs, MMOs, etc, basically theory crafting. Coming up with "wouldn't it be cool if x y z was in game" kinda stuff. (No I'm not a QQ troll, I enjoy positive concept building, not focusing complaining about "bad stuff" in a game).

So I guess I want to be a "creative mind" behind games. I want to come up with ideas, stories, dialog, plot, mechanic/graphic ideas, etc.

I absolutely don't mind coding, or learning other "technical things", I just don't want it to be a focus of my career. As I said, I'm currently self teaching myself C++, because I want even small companies or groups making a small-sized title to look at me and see that I can do more then just talk, write up concept drafts, and "time manage people". I want to be a "whole" member of the team.

So would you think that getting my Bachelor's in Game Design from Full Sail, and self learning things like C++ coding make me a viable contender for both small and large projects?

Btw When I say "indi game", I just mean anything that's not AAA titles like BF3, Guild Wars 2 or Star Craft 2. I like collaborating with other people, working as a team, sharing ideas. I don't think I'd enjoy making a game by myself, and as I said before, I don't need to work for EA or Epic Games to be "happy".

I personally wish I had done more over the past 8-9 years since I've been out of highschool. I joined the Army for 8 years and as a result I feel like I'm "behind the curve" as far as programming, official education and having game-oriented product to show for it.

Who knows, maybe some company will want me as a designer w/ side job of military consultant for a military themed game, haha!.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I'll browse through your linked page and your site some more. Let me know what you think, now that I layed out a little more about me and what I like whenever you have free time.

Thanks again for all your help.

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