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Oh look at that, #40 and #50 on sloperama kinda talk about what I'm trying to work through on this post and in my head haha.

(I also cringed when I read on #50: Q "Is it possible to get a job as a game designer if I get a degree from Full Sail or Digipen?"

and you said "That kind of question makes me mad..........."

Haha, well I hope I wasn't that daft in posting my questions. You only need look on their site to get that answer (they have a bunch of people who graduated and worked on big projects).

But don't bite my head off, please! Haha.

I guess I'm just trying to find the right "job" for my passion*. Like I almost pulled the trigger on IADT on an art degree before coming here, but further research on your site made me realize that my passion isn't in drawing concept art, and in the end I think I would have been unhappy with it.

I just want to make sure I get the right education and skills to contribute to games in the way I think would be enjoyable. I enjoy writing, talking about possible mechanics that could improve a game or genre, and lately I've also found that playing with Unity4 engine that using the toolkit to make worlds is a lot of fun (don't know if that's more on the art or the design career, but I like it haha)

So far, from reading your site, my "master plan" right now is to be a full time student as Full Sail, and on my free time when I'm not studying, I plan to do "game related projects / learning. Learn some coding, pick up some physic/calculus/math books up at the library and read them, mess around doing some mods for games like Skyrim, left 4 dead, and other mod-friendly titles.

So at the end of this 3 and a half year "master plan" I want to have a game related degree and as much game related work product as I possibly can. (and maybe even hook up with some class mates and do some joint projects)

Sorry, rambling again. I'll give you time to look over my post and add any words of wisdom.


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