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Yes, I'm sure they're normally not blown away by anything a wannabe has done lol.

But I just read your FAQ on level design, and I will follow your advice. On my spare time I will try to come up with level concepts, build them, and add scripts for as many levels as I can for as many games/engines as I can (unreal, unity4, left 4 dead, skyrim, etc.) as well as learn as much coding as I can over the next few years. I will also look for internship anywhere I can get it. You make a good point that an internship might pay little, or nothing, but it adds another layer to the portfolio and helps sell me to companies.

Also, thank you for being honest about the competition for the job and what companies are looking for in a designer. I never lied to myself about how unrealistic this field is, and I appreciate you not sugar coating the reality of getting a job.

But you only live once, so I figure why not try to shoot for my "dream job" instead of going through the rest of my life whining about *what I should have done*.

We have a saying in the Army: "Bitching about getting rained on doesn't make the rain stop."

And it's true. Thanks again for your help tsloper. Please email me anytime and let me know if you have any personal game related project that you would like any free intern-type help on. I will also keep an eye on this site and participate in your design contests.

Thank you for everything,

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