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Only five?...ummmm...

1) Xenogears

In terms of storyline and immersive content, this is proberbly the best JRPG ever made. I'm not the biggest fan of large robots blowing each other up, outrageous manga-style hand-to-hand, and the gameplay would be considered archaic by todays standards. However, the constant setbacks, twists and discoveries made throughout the extremely long life of the game more than make up for it. Furthermore, the introduction sequence seems to make no sense until 3/4 through the game. This creates an incredible insentive to play, just to find out.

2) Starcraft

It was a close call between Starcraft and CnC. Although, it has to be Starcraft because I can still play the original today and have as much fun at a LAN as a CnC Tiberium Wars match. This is quite possibly the most well balenced RTS out there, and is incredibly fun to play.

3) Master of Orion

I just love this game. It's cheesy, I get to build a massive empire, and the Stellar Converter (read: Death Star Laser) is so much fun to use. It is simply, awesome.

4) The Orange Box

Hehehe, I cheated here because I love both Half-Life and Portal. Both are amazing concepts.

5) G-Police

The first game I got for my Playstation. Quite possibly, my favourite fly-around shooter.

With honourable mentions for Peggle Extreme because it is an extremely addictive casual game I play occasionally, in addition to the Final Fantasy and DragonQuest series' because I really enjoy JRPGs
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