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Originally Posted by forestrnger View Post
I've seen that photoshop is usually a requirement for videogame art jobs. I was wondering the types of photoshop skills that developers look for.
Depends on the job. Basic photo manipulation, digital painting technique, some web design skills, understanding of optimizations, file types, sizes, how Photoshop interacts with the rest of the creative suit in some cases... Those are all pretty general. The best place to start is to get a Photoshop trial and just start fooling around with some pictures off your harddrive or off the web. Thumb through a CS textbook, like the one that was suggested, or look up help when you get stuck. There is no one way to learn Photoshop just like there is no one way to learn how to paint.

Visit concept art forums on the web, look around at digital painting sites, 2d game art sites, look into subjects like texturing and mapping on game mod sites. Since you're not familiar with it, I'd say just hang out and have fun -- get some photos of your friends and give them fish heads, draw cartoons, create some crazy stuff. Don't buy an expensive tablet yet and don't make yourself read every line of Adobe help center advice. It'll be more fun if you don't at first. Do all that after you've gotten a good feel for it.
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