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Originally Posted by Thumper_34 View Post
My question is what are the most memorable games? The ones with great graphics or the ones with great gameplay?
Why is mario still alive and played in the gaming communitity?

I'd say its the gameplay, if you don't have that core key gameplay that is so much fun your game will not succeed.
Graphics are great though
I agree completley. Me and 8 others are starting up a small company here in toronto and this is one of our focus ideas. Instead of making graphics, animation, audio or any of that the focus we stop every few weeks and say, "is this fun? what can we do to make it more fun?"

Because when it comes down to it, Mario is fun, Katamari os fun (oh for the love of god is it fun). These don't have great graphics or animations. There 100% fun factor. And that is how we are designing our games.
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