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Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
Sweet your on the list. We are sending out the first email tomorrow.
I can't wait. I'm currently playing the POC4, and I have to say, this game is epic. If you can tighten up the controls a bit, and add all the usual Breakout jazz, this might become one of my favorite time wasters.

Edit: If I may, I have a suggestion for a control scheme: It appears that you are going for casual gamers, hence the mouse only, but the six paddles lead me to thinking. If, instead of clicking a paddle to select it, you used the keys QWEASD to select the corresponding paddle (Q upper right, W upper middle, E upper left ex.) and then rotated it with the mouse (which also appears to be intended to not allow 360 rotation, which I would also suggest), the gameplay would be much smoother and more fast-paced. I'm guessing that the paddle location won't stay the same throughout the game (it is a breakout clone after all), but if they where color coded (Q blue paddle, W red paddle, E purple ex.) I think it wouldn't be to difficult, with practice. It would also create many possibilities for power ups. Bonuses could potentially change the colors of the paddles, mixing them up or making multiple the same, or even change the colors without changing the corresponding key.

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