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Default Art Courses on the trail to Concept Art/Artwork


I need some advice from you.

I've spent the last couple of days looking at prospectuses, course descriptions and whatnot trying to decide what I need. I should mention that I'm kind of green when it comes to drawing, I have absolutely no experience with painting but, well, I think I would enjoy working in this field. The goal I have in mind is becoming a 2D artist, basically drawing, doing concept art or artwork, and textures.

During my "perusing", I think what I need to get me started would be a Foundation Degree - the problem is that I don't know what kind of Foundation Degree. I was looking for Universities in the UK and there are a few Game Art Foundation Courses, but what would be second best here? Foundation Studies in Art and Design?

Assuming I find a Foundation Degree that suits me and brings me closer to my goals, what BA should I follow then? Again, there is Game Art, which would be the number one logical choice. What comes in for seconds though? Fine Art, Digital Art, Graphical Art, Art and Design?

Oh! Another thing - if I have to choose from a Game Art degree at a University or a Fine Art/Graphic Art/whatever Art at a better University, which should I take? And if you studied at a UK University, please share your thoughts and experiences!

Good! Now I know both the Foundation Degree, and the Bachelor one. How is the gaming industry in the UK? I admit that I'm mainly into PC development at this point so...what are my prospects when I'm out? Then again, four years is a long time and a lot can change.

Thank you for your time!



p.s. Does Norwich School of Art and Design ring any bells?
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