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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
The UK games industry is quite large compared to the rest of Europe with many large developers such as Codemasters, Sega Racing, EA, Frontier, Rockstar, Blitz, Team17, Traveller Tales, Rare, etc.

My concern is that there are not very many roles for concept artists in general so finding a job as a concept artist could be difficult. It be prudent to also train in a second skill such as 3D modeling or animation. As a 2D artist, you are limited somewhat to GUI related work, mobile and/or casual games.
Thanks for the advice.

Now, taking that into account, I guess Game Art courses do sound a lot more tempting as they cover both animation and 2D/3D development. And that pretty much leaves out Fine Art and Graphical Art Courses. An alternative to Game Art would remain Digital Art or something similar.

I didn't really look into Animation Courses because I reckon those focus on 3D art and well, animation. Now my preference towards 2D remains a key factor in choosing a course. But if I'm too choose some "broadening" field, then I guess modeling would also be quite fun.

I still need that Foundation Program though to help me put together a portfolio. So far UCAS knows of a handful FdAs in Game Art - only one that doesn't require a portfolio upfront, but they all look for them. Huddersfield says that it isn't mandatory, but both Norwich and Doncaster require one.
It's not to say that I don't understand the need of such a "admission criterion", because they have to know if the respective person has any sort of talent or inclination towards what he or she is going to study in the next two-three years. But how can I compete side by side with another student that started fiddling with 2 and 3D programs since school?

Any further input is highly appreciated!


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