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Originally Posted by ronnoc10 View Post
Focusing on one style is never good.
I'm not trying to focus in on one style. This is just for the summer, I guess what I'm asking is which aspect of my style I should refine more/would be the most important, and which is the easiest to improve on independently.
For example, in school you might take a Figure Drawing class. The Figure Drawing class helps improve your knowledge of anatomy, balance, and ability to draw on the fly. I don't know any artist who only does figure drawing. But taking the class helps you develop very important skills.

Now say the school you're taking the class in has an Open Studio, where you can work on stuff for any of your art classes. Here, a decision needs to be made. Are you going to use this time to work on figure drawing, or are you going to set up a still life? Part of that decision comes from what you're personally having trouble with.

Another part of that decision involves opportunities you have to work on in the future, and what skills are the most essential for professionals. When you need to better yourself at something, sometimes its better to break it down into parts you can focus on then pull everything back into the big picture.

So I guess my question is more Which general art skills do game concept artists, modelers, etc need to be particularly amazing at? Which are the easiest to learn independently in my given time frame? Which are better saved for focusing on in a university art class, where more resources, peers, and an experienced professor are available?

Maybe it's a dumb question, but I'm just wondering.
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