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Oh I see. My bad.
The reason I want to look at manga for facial/character expressions is that since manga often illustrates action in panels, in order for it to be effective it has to "freeze" the action in the most dramatic/expressive moments. Other comic books do this too, but manga often combines its dramatic style with gags: humorous facial exaggerations. So while for style/anatomical accuracy manga may not be the best, for poses and expression manga is very good for. Especially in ones where all the characters look and dress the same (ex: earlier works of Rumiko Takahashi) and are only distinguished by their personalities. But yeah, looking at other stuff too is probably a good idea.

Although the techniques are different, a lot of the skills gained in 2D art carry over to 3D. I am familiar with modeling in Maya, and I'm going to teach myself texturing over the summer. I'm also learning Blender as well. So I'm not aiming to be 2D only kind of person. It's just that working in 2D is better for learning the general stuff(composition, effects of light, etc) since I'm more familiar with it.
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