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I would recommend taking your major in the English department, unless the Journalism department is separate and you really want the degree to be in journalism.

In journalism, you might learn more reporting than long-form magazine writing (which I'm assuming is what you'd want), so keep an eye on the required courses before you commit to one or the other.

More importantly, join the school newspaper your first semester and stick with it until you can become an editor. If the newspaper doesn't have video game commentary, reviews, or op-ed pieces, volunteer to write them. Also, try to do some page layout, copyediting, headline writing, and any web work you can get your hands on. All of those jobs will be valued as real work experience, especially if the newspaper runs more often than just weekly.

Similarly, you should try to join or contribute to other writing products, like blogs, zines, and whatnot.

Other elective courses you could take would be media theory classes, for example film theory. If you find courses like those that are interesting to you and the grading for that class tends to be writing-based (rather than test-based), I would suggest registering for those. They'll help you practice your analytic thinking and writing skills.

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