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Originally Posted by EvilLlama View Post
I am currently a senior in high school, and I hope to someday have a job within the games industry, possibly from the art side. Over the summer, I plan to spend time refining my art skills at home, and I want to know which skills I should focus on more.

Should I focus more on facial/character expressions by drawing self portraits, looking at manga, and google image search? More on getting correct anatomy by studying bones/muscles? More lighting effects and creating the illusion of texture in a 2D medium? More on landscapes? Should I focus more on getting my traditional skills down set, or push my creativity further?

I want to work on all these things, but since summer is only 3ish months, I will need to focus more on some things than others. I do plan to take art classes in college as well.

On a different note, does anyone know of any good tutorials for texturing in Maya?

This is a good site to get some information and inspiration from

Concept Art

drawing from real life is probably the best thing you can do to refine your skills but as with any skill you have to keep doing it all the time. Never leave home with out your sketchbook, a pencil and some art gum.

It seems to me your not quite sure what your into I wouldn't be picky so if you pop down to the park or mall take out your sketch book and start drawing. I personally like doing that cos you get a good sense of perspective in those places. I've even drawn people on the bus, kinda like a free life drawing lesson . a couple of quick glances up and you can rough out someones face.

as for anatomy. if your doing a life drawing class then you might have to do that, or if your learning anatomy...but getting form right from a rough spontaneous sketch is good.

I think the best advice is to start sketching from real life. Manga and comics are distorted and you can focus on them later(their not bad though!)
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