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Default Recent college grad in desperate need of help

Hi, I don't really know where to begin because I am so confused at this stage of my life, but I'll give it my best. I am graduating from a top-tier university next month (May) and am now looking for a job in the industry. For a little background - I have changed my career aspirations more times than I can count, and think I have finally settled on something. I had considered everything from medical school to management consulting, but for the majority of college I was set on going to law school. All went well, and I got into a good law school, but I thought - is this what you want to do for the next 40 years? Well, no it's not, so I made the complete foolish and naive choice to defer going to a great law school and making over 100k in another 3 years, in hopes of working with video games. I also passed up a few great jobs paying over 60k. I am probably a fool, but working with games is the only thing I can seriously see myself doing full-time for the next few decades. Well now you know how determined (or stupid) I am, let's move on.

I am interested in a variety of areas in gaming, most notably, design, production, and journalism. I know I can't jump into any of these right away, so my question is - what should I do? I really don't want to be a QA tester, because I need to pay my bills and student loans, plus I would like to use the fact that I have degree from a prestigious university. Although I like to think that I would be immensely successful in design or production, I KNOW that I would be nothing short of a phenomenal journalist. I think I have a lot of academic skills, but writing is hands down my niche (not evident from this post, since I am exhausted and suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia at the moment). I have always been a linguist, love composing all sorts of writings, from rhetorical pieces to poetry, and speak two other languages nearly fluently. My writing skills are so profound, that I have successfully used them throughout my academic tenure to pursuade Ivy-league educated professors into believing that I am knowledged on a topic (such as art history) that I am actually completely ignorant towards. Equally imporant as writing, I have been playing games since I was 4 years old and there is nothing on this Earth that I know more about.

Can anyone help me out? I am willing to take any job that a non-computer science college grad can get in the industry. However, I can't find anything and now my only possible plan is to humble myself, go into poverty, and be a QA tester, while freelancing on the side. However, I don't know anything about freelancing. What should I do, should I pursue another area of the industry, and if so - what? I need to make a decent salary soon (not out of greed, but of necessity). If all else fails, I might stay in school for another 2 years (which I really don't want to do) and get a second degree in Computer Science and be a programmer, since they seem to be the only ones that can easily get a good job. Programming is not my preference, but I know a little Java and do enjoy PC's, and if that's what it takes to work in the industry, so be it. I'm sorry to ramble for so long, I just really need help and with graduation rapidly approaching, I think I might be suffering from anxiety. Maybe I should have went to law school...ugh. HELP!
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