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Mork really hit the nail on the head above, the most important things you'll find in the industry are friends. They are often the ones who can give you early notice about new jobs, they can sway their managers decision to hire you, and they can guide you through exactly what you need to know when applying to their company*. Do what you can to make and keep contacts, and your career will be much easier.

You have to get the timing right for looking down on QA. I can look down on them for examlpe, because I'm a programmer and that's practically part of my job description! (A bug arrives... step 1 - work out why it is the tester's fault, step 2 - Fix the bug (only if necessary) ). Very few people tend to get a QA job, because they want to be a tester. Most intend it as a stepping stone to another role.

Another thing to consider, very big publishers and developers can often become stagnant. Many people find it easier to distinguish themselves, and rise to higher positions in smaller companies. In big companies you sacrifice job mobility, for greater job security (although QA jobs are rarely 'Safe' - many don't even get a full time contract).

*It also works the other way of course, they can make sure you don't get a job (and this can be a supprisingly small industry where you find yourself repeatedly working with the same people), so don't go around upsetting everyone.
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