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Thanks for the help everyone. I have actually decided to stay in school and get a second degree in Computer Science. Programming isn't my first preference, but I would still enjoy it, and it by far is the area with the most jobs, best-paying jobs, and best job security. Also, my number one interest is in design, and although I often hear designers need no technical background, it certainly seems almost necessary. It will only take me another 2 years, and I will have both a B.A. Liberal Arts degree and a B.S. in computer science, which would definately be perfect for design. If I can never get into design, I will still be happy as a senior programmer. Also, the Computer Science department at my university has a student group for game development, and they are currently creating an original game and building an incredible mod, so I'm going to get involved in that. The pioneering days of video games are long gone, and I have realized that if you want good job security in the industry, you really have to be a technical person. Let me know what you guys think.
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