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Exclamation can i still do it or is it too late?

this post may seem kinda late or shall we say too raw to begin with compared to others i've read. also forgive my english, it's not my native language. y'all tucked in? here we go.

i'm in the asia area and i'm a musician myself and ever since i was a kid i was crazy about games and it's just recently that i tried every bit of gaming console starting from the PS1 till later. though i've also played with the sega, snes, family computer etc..but my folks didn't encourage me playing that much that's why when i finally settled on my own, i've really set my passion for gaming. here's a few concerns i'm wondering about coz i'm thinking right now of a career change, and i'm considering the gaming industry.

1. is it too late for me to pursue the gaming industry? i'm 22 yrs old now, and in my elementary and high school days , my school really didn't show any promising teaching when it comes to computers, codes, and i've only studied in a home study program coz of my job as a musician really conflicts with the working hours and school hours.

i know that in this biz there's a lot if different fields too right? you have the audio/music dept, the designers, the programmers, etc..and i'm thinking highly of the programming dept. it's a shame to say i don't have enough knowledge for now specially about codes, but i'm really determined to learn and as i;ve said before, my schooling didnt help me that much. about computers, i've been around, but really in depth, i've used macs and pc's and can pretty much solve any problems that occur with them. i've learned some in's and out's thru self study and research.

2. schooling..where to study? is online studying be recommended? is self study be advisable too? given that i'm in asia..also i've heard that gaming in japan is really something so that's my target.

3. would the programming dept be recommended? i mean, for me that barely knows codes, would it be much easier if i pick the audio dept? is the code learning really that hard or brain cracking?

i don't know where to start but im really considering joining the gaming industry. not only because of the money but i've been looking at games and i was thinking it would be a lot more fun not only playing them but making them as well.

game design is kinda not me coz i'm not that good at creating designs of my own. i'm more on technicalities like with my musical instruments, i can even go around them without reading the instructional manual.

i also heard testers and QA? is it a good starting point there?

thanks in advance. take care..anyone's opinion is warmly welcome.
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