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5 of my favorite games:

1. ICO - this game was so original in its concept and so much fun playing. in addition it had the most amazing graphics I saw in a PS2 game, I sometimes just stood on a bridge and looked at the view.

2. Gabriel Knight series - in my opinion one of the best games from the quests era, they had a good and solid plot, and some of them had Tim Curry - who could ask for more

3. 7th guest - This was the first game I played when I got my very first CD-ROM drive, the graphics were amazing for its time, the atmosphere was dark and the puzzles were a lot of fun and this is just pure nostalgia for me.

4. Silent Hill - The reason I love this series (though I didn't get to play all of it yet) is mostly becuase of the way they used the static sound coming from the radio to warn you about monsters approaching - its an ingenious way to use the sound in the game to realy put preasure and intimidate the player (your radio starts emiiting a strong static sound while you're in the middle of a foggy street, you search around frantically for the monster - EEK!)

5. God Of War 1 - amazing story combined with amazing graphics
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