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Default Can I do this?

Hi Guys(and girls),
I am new to this forum and have tons of questions but first I'll tell you My situation. I have a Job as a Sales manager at a Subaru Dealership. I hate my Job! It pays well but it sucks. I went to fullsail my senior year in highschool to tour the school. I loved it and planned on enrolling in a Game Development Bachelors Degree. I did not go because of a chic(who I am not with anymore). I am now married and have an 18 month old little girl. I am still young(22) and think that if I am going to go after this I need to act now. The program at full sail is accelerated. 126 credit hours in 21 months. I will not have a lot of time for work. Not to mention I know a little about hardware having a IT guy in the fam. However I know nothing of programming. Therefor I will have to concentrate hard at school to learn this. If I apply for aid, and my wife doesnt work(in school) can I take out a student loan also to pay for the rest? Then will I have enough left for living expenses(babys are not cheap)? Also, Will I be ready for a career after I graduate(assuming I bust my ass). Thanks for your help guys!
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